5 O’Clock Story Time with Miss Douglas

Hello Reception! I am back to posting our shared ‘Story Time with Miss Douglas’ here on the school website. I have posted our previous story times here too and will continue to upload new story videos as well. Check back every day to see what story I have chosen for us to read!



Today’s story is one of my favourite Julia Donaldson books… SUPERWORM! Perhaps it has something to do with this time of year, Summer to me is all about getting outdoors, exploring our natural world and soaking up as much of that sunny vitamin D as possible (don’t forget your SPF cream!). As a child I was always climbing trees, digging in the mud and making nature houses for small critters and mini-beasts. Once I even remember lifting a heavy paving slab and finding a big, slimy toad, how exciting! What mini-beasts are your favourite? As lock down measures are gently easing, can you find the time to visit a local nature area and hunt for mini-beasts?

As we have been exploring the concept of time this week, here is a non-fiction book about time zones around the world. What is happening in other countries when it is morning here in England? Read along to see what children in other places are getting up to! Challenge: Do you recognise any of these cities? Are there any cities from around the world that you can name? One of my favourite cities is Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland- that’s a tricky one to pronounce!


Today’s story is ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’, a favourite of many of our children! Follow along as George, on his way home, encounters various animals who desperately need his help… and his clothes!


The story I have chosen today is ‘Last Stop on Market Street’. I love the brightly coloured illustrations of this book (Christian Robinson is the illustrator). They have a child-like crayon and collage quality to them! I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do. Perhaps you have a familiar route that you take every so often?


I hope you enjoy reading Grandma’s Saturday Soup with me. Perhaps you can help to make a traditional family recipe at some point this week with your grown ups? If you do, be sure to send me photos and videos of you making some deliciously scrumptious food! Brownie points for anyone who is able to WRITE a recipe for their dish so that Miss Douglas can have a go at making it at home too (unless it’s a special family secret of course!)