Hello Team 5,

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We hope you and your families are doing well and have been having fun while continuing your learning at home. Don’t forget to practice all of the spelling patterns learnt so far along with your times tables practise every day if you can using the PiXL apps! You can also use your Busy Things login for more learning fun. Please continue to read regularly both for enjoyment and escapism and through the comprehensions set on your Readworks logon. You can also access the whole of Readworks library by searching for a topic that interests you and looking for a grade that suits your reading level. We are thinking of you all and miss you very much. We can’t wait to see you all again when we are able to return to school.

Here are links to some extra fun things that you might like to do whilst you are at home and to while away the hours between doing your school work, reading stories and following your daily routine:

Internet safety learning for all ages

Learn more about the Rights of a Child and support our Rights Respecting School status

Colour your own Rights Respecting Schools book

Look through the WWF website to learn more about our amazing world, animals and how we can help save the planet here

Britannica have created a free e-book encyclopaedia to download with lots of interactive learning about the world. You can download it here.

Grown-ups; please do send me an email with updates about how your child’s learning has been going and we’d really appreciate any photos of what your child has been up to as well. We will be posting these on our ‘What you’ve been up to at home’ tab on the website. Additionally we will still be sharing good learning, kindness and positivity during our special online sharing assemblies posted on a Friday. 🙂

We are posting this half-term’s Topic Web on ‘London Life’. It includes a range of activities that we would like you to complete with your children at home and the resources to support them will be underneath each activity task. You can choose which activities you would like to or are able to complete each day and next week we’ll post more activities from the topic web. Good luck and enjoy!

Remember, you can only do your best. Be kind to yourself and your family and try your best to help out at home, make each other laugh and smile, and find gratitude in each new day!

See you via email with your fun learning activities!


Ms Omoboni & Ms Nakonieczna

Team 5 Topic Web Summer 2 – London Life (Please click here)

A Day In The Life of London - YouTube

Please remember to email your work to Team Five’s new home learning email where Ms Omoboni  will check every week and give you feedback – team5HL@st-jameshatcham.lewisham.sch.uk

Home Learning activities week 7: 13th – 17th July

Maths week 7

2018 census information London Week 7 Maths reasoning support

English week 7

Humanities week 7

London Heroes WEEK 7 History

Science Week 7

Animal Life-cycles Quiz for fun WEEK 7 Science

Wellbeing Wk 7

Creative Arts WEEK 6

London skyline art project WEEKS 4-7

Home Learning activities week 6: 6th July – 11th July

Maths WEEK 6

English WEEK 6

London speed read 1 WEEK 6

London speed read 2 WEEK 6

parenthesis revision week 6

using y for short vowel i sound spelling WEEK 6

Humanities WEEK 6

A brief history of London WEEK 6 Home learningScience WEEK 6

Human life cycle Science WEEK 6

Human life cycle support WEEK 6 science

Well-being WEEK 6

Year 5 Well-being – Getting on with others WEEK 6

Creative Arts WEEK 6

London skyline art project WEEKS 4-7


Home Learning activities week 5: 29th June – 4th July

Maths WK5 English WK5

Apostrophes grammar WEEK 5

prefix ir im in il Spelling WEEK 5

Humanities WK5

How we use the river Thames WEEK 5 geography

Science WK5

Frog Life Cycle PowerPoint WEEK 5 Science

life cycle of a frog supporting pictures WEEK 5 Science

Wellbeing WK5 HL

Year 5 Well-being – Hearing not listening WEEK 5

Creative Arts WK5

London skyline art project WEEKS 4-7

Home Learning activities week 4: 22nd – 27th June

Maths WK4 correct

English Week 4

Homophones spelling Week 4

Science WK 4

Animal Life-cycles introduction Science WEEK 4

Life cycle adult young match Science WEEK 4

Humanities Week 4

Journey of the River Thames WEEK 4 geography including tasks


Arts week 4

London skyline art project WEEKS 4-7


Global Scholars: Keep an eye on this page as Wednesday I will be giving you the shortlisted ideas for our community action project for you to vote on!

Well being WK 4

Year 5 Well-being – Good conversations WEEK 4

Home Learning activities week 3: 15th – 21st June

Home learning Activities Summer 2 – London lifeMaths week 3

English week 3

Word class revision and task WEEK 3 Grammar

The River Thames a history WEEK 2 GEOGRAPHY

Humanities week 3

Features of a river WEEK 3 geography

Week 3 Geography part of a river work

Science week 3

Life Processes SCIENCE WEEK 3

Life processes Science WEEK 3

GS WB week 3

Year 5 Well-being – Our Support Network WEEK 3

Global Scholars ideas will be sent to you to vote on this week.

CA 2

Home Learning activities week 2: 8th – 14th June

Maths 2

English 2

Fact sheets London Week 2 English resources

Humanities 2

The River Thames a history WEEK 2 GEOGRAPHY

Science 2

Food chains Science home learning WEEK 1 and 2

Food chains for WEEK 1 and WEEK 2 science


Year 5 Well-being – Being challenged WEEK 2

CA 2

Home Learning activities week 1: 1st – 6th June

Maths 1

English 1

London Eye facts and sentences WEEK 1 English

Humanities 1

London Underground Week 1 resources

Art 1

Science 1

Food chains Science home learning WEEK 1 and 2

Food chains for WEEK 1 and WEEK 2 science

GS and Well being 1

Well being WEEK 1 Managing change




Team 5 Summer 1 Home Learning  Topic Web – The Caribbean (Please click here)

Remember there are additional resources and websites on the second page of this topic web

Please remember to email your work to Ms Omoboni – m.omoboni@st-jameshatcham.lewisham.sch.uk

Home Learning activities week 4: 18th May – 24th May

Maths week 5


Maths week 5 chart

English week 5

Hinglan’s cole English Week 5 support

Humanities week 5

Science week 5

Seed dispersal week 5

CA week 5

calypso music – Creative Arts week 3




Home Learning activities week 4: 11th May – 17th May

English week 4


Maths week 4

Science week 4

Humanities week 4

Link to site: https://bringarchivetolife.wordpress.com/

Creative arts week 4


Home Learning activities week 3: 4th May – 10th May

week 3 maths English week 3Art final week 3 Science week 3 Humanities week 3