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St James Hatcham



Recognising that we live in an increasingly technical world, we understand the vital importance of learning early computing skills at St James Hatcham School. We are fortunate to have purchased new laptops for the children to use in addition to our set of class tablets.

We use the NCCE Computing curriculum with support from Purple Mash for wider curriculum computing use.

In computing we are learning important life skills. I feel privileged to use the new laptops and learn how to type like an adult. 

 Romeo - Year 2 pupil

At St James Hatcham, we work towards the 12 Computing Principles:

  1. Supporting children through knowledge of key concepts such as technical terms and vocabulary
  2. Create projects to consolidate learning
  3. Using formative questioning to challenge misconceptions
  4. Using supportive frameworks for challenge
  5. Encourage collaboration by working together
  6. Model processes or practices through careful modelling
  7. Provide activities with different levels of direction
  8. Bring abstract concepts to life within the real world
  9. Read and explore code first
  10. Use physical computing with sensory activities
  11. Use a range of activities to consolidate understanding
  12. With every new concept, unplug, unpack and repack.

In addition to the core concepts, we also have units that support visual, news and reporting units that support the use of computing skills throughout the school day.