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St James Hatcham

Forest School

Forest School

At St James Hatcham we have a fully trained Forest School teacher and a bespoke outdoor space providing rich opportunities that help our children connect with nature in exciting and inspirational ways within an urban setting!

Forest School


As part of our commitment to global learning, through forest school our children learn to be stewards of God's creation and develop awareness of the global environmental challenges we face. 

We also understand the profound benefits to pupil wellbeing that come from outdoor learning, exploring and problem solving surrounded by nature.

The St James Hatcham Forest School curriculum develops a wide range of skills from understanding behaviour and safety, using tools, flora and fauna identification as well as supporting the statutory National Curriculum for the Foundation Stage and Primary years in the areas of PE, PSHE, Science and more. Additionally, research has shown that Forest School supports pupil development in:

  • self-regulation
  • coping with and learning from failure
  • building resilience
  • motivation and concentration
  • problem solving
  • improved self esteem
  • expanding vocabulary and developing oracy skills
  • building positive relationships with adults and peers

The skills gained in our Forest School have a ripple effect and impact all areas of our children's learning and wellbeing. Take a look at our Forest School Gallery and hear from some of the pupils themselves about what they think the benefits of Forest School are for them.