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St James Hatcham



At St James Hatcham, all children in the juniors have weekly French lessons, aided by a native French speaker.


French is important because it helps people prepare for secondary school. I enjoy French because it helps me to talk to people from France that don't know how to speak English, and also I want to travel to France and live there when I am older. French helps me because in the future, I would like to translate to kids and adults.

 Joel - Year 5 pupil

We prepare foundations for the learning of Modern Foreign Languages by introducing elements in a non-formal way in Key Stage 1 in ways such as counting, songs and taking the register.

For Key Stage 2, each year's learning builds upon skills and content taught in previous years, targeting all four areas of language learning as children move up the school - these areas are speaking, listening, reading and writing. Lessons are taught using the Language Angels programme which cover a wide variety of topics (including cross-curricular topics) with all instances of the foreign language pre-recorded using a native speaker. The programme also gives us access to songs and games to support our French learning as well as using the progression tools linked directly to the 12 attainment targets set out in the DfE Languages Programme of Study for Key Stage 2.

At St James Hatcham, our French is designed to suit all learners, including those that have a knowledge of French (i.e. those who additionally speak French at home).

As an early speaker, you will learn:

Basic details of the country of France, animals, musical instruments, I can verbs, shapes, vegetables, fruits, colours, numbers, salutations and the seasons. Additionally, there is a unit relating to early British history that refers to our links with France.

As an intermediate speaker, you will learn:

Presenting myself, at the café, the classroom, pets, the date, the weather, the Olympics, clothes, my home and habitats. Additional topic focused units relate to the Romans and the Tudors.

As a progressive speaker, you will learn:

At school, the weekend, the planets, living a healthy lifestyle, my place in the world and regular and irregular verbs. An additional topic focused unit relates to the Second World War.

 With great songs and games to help solidify understanding of each unit, and work to consolidate and measure understanding that is tailored to each child, learning French has never been so fun.

Au revoir et a bientot!