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St James Hatcham

Geography and Global Citizenship

Geography and Global Citizenship

We recognise the importance of History, Geography and Citizenship as subjects that shape minds and influence society. We also are aware that a curriculum, ‘…should be inspiring a broader world view while developing a sense of citizenship and belonging that are aligned to a strong sense of national identity, cultural integration and inter-connectedness and a hyper-diverse United Kingdom’. Harris 2013.

Giving Global Citizenship a place on our curriculum helps us to work alongside the geography curriculum to ensure our pupils understand their place in the world, linking to our Rights Repsecting School silver award. Throughout the year, curriculum objectives are cross-curricularly linked to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and themes that aim to foster pupils' critical thinking about global issues. The UN rights of a child are taught explicitly and are referred to throughout themes of the curriculum to develop a universal culture and classroom ethos where children are aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding the respect of the rights of others. 

Link to UN rights of a child

Our staff are Global Teachers having received the Global Teachers Award and are proactive in challenging narrow perceptions and subverting stereotypes. We aim to ensure all of our pupils become strong, articulate advocates for the rights of different peoples around the globe and that they understand the importance of looking after our planet. 

That we need to teach everybody and we can’t waste food if we are to make sure there is zero hunger in the world by 2030.

Chimson - Year 5 Pupil.

Our geography curriculum works to progress children in the 6 main areas of geographical and global learning: 

  • Locational Knowledge
  • Place Knowledge
  • Physical geography
  • Human geography
  • Geographical Skills & Field work
  • Communicating geographical knowledge

The Geography Association and Earth Cubs programme are used to support progression of these key geographical and global learning areas.

 Geography progression at St James Hatcham 

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