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St James Hatcham

Hear from our pupils

Hear from our pupils

Here, our incredible pupils let us know about their experience at St James Hatcham...

St James is great because we get to learn and try new things, go on school trips and take part in lots of projects.

Precious, Year 4 pupil


I love St James because we get to learn new things in a fun, creative way.

Daoud, Year 2 pupil


My favourite subject is Art because I love to draw and paint.

Cleo, Year 3 pupil


St James a fun, incredible school. I love Drama because you can express yourself and pretend to be a different person.

Destiny, Year 4 pupil


I enjoy computing at St James because you get to use computers and iPads which is cool. I also love my teachers, friends, school projects and the different school trips we get to go on.

Natalia, Year 3 pupil


I want to be a business owner and leader when I am older. St James is helping me to become this by teaching me different skills and values.

Jovani, Year 6 pupil


St James has helped me to learn English which has changed my life so much. I enjoy coming to school every day because we get to do so many things with our friends. I love the school trips, PE, Science experiments and History projects.

Sara, Year 3 pupil


I like St James because it is challenging and fun. When I am older I want to be a Doctor to help those in need.

Alex, Year 5 pupil