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St James Hatcham

Hear from our staff

Hear from our staff

Discover why our passionate members of staff love working at St James Hatcham...

The children are the heart of our school. They are kind, caring and amazing, always with smiles on their faces and so much passion for learning. It might sound cliché, but St James genuinely feels like a home from home. That’s why it’s a magnet for talent and people who love what they do. There is such positivity amongst our team of staff and it is a pleasure to lead such a fantastic school.

Sonia McFarlane, Headteacher


The children are amazing at St James Hatcham, they truly are what makes our school special! I love getting to know each and every one of them. We are a diverse school with a wide range of different cultures, religions and languages spoken under one roof. We all learn so much by meeting and talking to other people. I have been working at St James Hatcham for over 14 years and have high aspirations for the school. In my role, I hope to develop an even more ambitious and innovative curriculum that empowers our pupils to realise their full potential.

Michelle Omoboni, Deputy Headteacher


From a young age, I have always had a strong passion for supporting young people with their development and learning, and so knew this was the only path I wanted to take. Whilst studying at college, I was extremely fortunate to be offered a placement at St James Hatcham. It was by far my favourite setting, and it was during my time here that I developed an interest in a Teaching Assistant role within a primary school. Almost eight years on, I feel I have not only grown and developed as an educator here at St James, but also as an individual.  

There truly is nothing more rewarding than supporting and observing children overcome any barriers or difficulties they may face. Since recently completing my degree, I have identified a new passion in supporting vulnerable children and their families. As I continue to grow and develop my own pedagogy, I hope to explore a new role at St James within the field of pastoral care.  

Being a smaller school, St James Hatcham is a place where children, staff, families, governors and the local community are valued; and all work together to ensure the very best outcomes for our children. As cliché as it sounds, we really are a St James family!

Jessica Baker, Teaching Assistant


Teaching was an obvious career choice for me as it combined my passion for mentoring and supporting children and my love for English. Previously a secondary school English teacher, I recently joined St James Hatcham to progress my skills and knowledge in the primary sector. At St James every child is unique, and it is this that drives what we do. We ensure that the children are at the centre of their own learning and nurture their individual talents through a range of extracurricular activities; whether that be educational, creative or sports based.

Jessica - Sky Motion, Teaching Assistant


The opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of young people is what attracted me to a career in teaching. And at St James Hatcham, we do just that. We are a small school with a nurturing environment where the staff care deeply for not only the children and their families, but for one another too. It is like one big family!

Joe Spencer, Teaching Assistant


The children at St James Hatcham are inquisitive and imaginative, you just don’t know what conversations you are going to have with them each day. They really do put a smile on my face and make coming to work enjoyable.

Maria Burnage, Housekeeper and Midday Meal Supervisor


It was my primary school teacher that inspired me to take up a career in education and make a difference to children’s lives. Why St James Hatcham? Put simply, because of the incredible ethos, inclusive curriculum, enthusiastic staff and quality first teaching. We are given the freedom and support to teach creatively and it is clear that our pupils love coming to school to learn because of that. Every day is exciting for them.

Nancy Barnes, Class Teacher