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St James Hatcham

History, Culture and Identity

  • History, Culture and Identity

    We recognise the importance of History, Geography and Citizenship as subjects that shape minds and influence society. We also are aware that a curriculum, ‘…should be inspiring a broader world view while developing a sense of citizenship and belonging that are aligned to a strong sense of national identity, cultural integration and inter-connectedness and a hyper-diverse United Kingdom’. Harris 2013. Therefore, we have a responsibility to reflect a curriculum that recognises the contribution of all. This links to our school as a Rights Respecting School and one that works on Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning (CCGL) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Our staff are Global Teachers having received the Global Teachers Award and are proactive in challenging narrow perceptions and subverting stereotypes. Additionally, we aim to nurture the well-being of all of our pupils by exploring the culture and identity of each of our community members. ‘A basic tenet of social belonging is that one belongs, at least in part, as an individual – that one’s individual qualities, characteristics, and contributions are recognised and valued by others in the setting.’ G. Walton & G. Cohen, 'A question of belonging', 2002.

    In providing a more diverse curriculum and taking a number of viewpoints, we recognise that our children will be more engaged, better informed, more tolerant and more prepared to live and thrive in a diverse society appreciating the contributions of all and that this will aid social cohesion.  Our curriculum and pedagogy will also give the children an ability to question and challenge when needed in order to become articulate advocates.

     Our history curriculum works to progress children in the 5 main areas of historical learning:

    Chronological understanding

    Knowledge & understanding of events, people & changes in the past

    Historical enquiry

    Historical interpretation

    Knowledge organisation and communication

     History progression at St James Hatcham 

     History, Culture and Identity Policy