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St James Hatcham



At St James Hatcham we seek to provide every child with an inclusive, caring and empowering learning environment in which they can develop their full potential whatever their needs and irrespective of ability, race and gender.

The leadership of SEND is strong.

Quality of Education Review - Lewisham Learning (Sept 2022) 


We have a proud track record of providing children with special educational needs and disabilities full access to a broad, balanced, challenging and relevant education in an aspirational, family environment.

At St James Hatcham the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and wellbeing of every child matter. Children are considered to have a special educational need if they have provision that is additional to the Quality First Teaching provided by our Class Teachers. We recognise that some children require additional support in their learning at given times in their lives and work collaboratively with our families to remove barriers to learning. Children may have special educational needs or disabilities if they:

  • have a particular learning, emotional, social or behavioural need, that differs from the majority of children of the same age, or
  • have a physical disability which prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities of a kind generally provided for children of the same age in schools within the area of the local education authority.

Meet the Team


Mrs Fabian 
Mrs Fabian is the school’s special educational needs and disabilities co-ordinator (SENDCo). She carries responsibility for whole school leadership of SEND and raising the standard of teaching, learning, achievement and attainment for SEND pupils. She is responsible for implementing the day to day operation of the school’s SEND policy within the SEND Code of Practice. She leads and manages the deployment of the SEND Team and is the first key contact for teachers in supporting their pupils as well as outside agencies.

Inclusion Team

Ms McFarlane – Headteacher

Mrs Fabian – SENDCo and Deputy Headteacher

Mr Kelly-Green - Emotional Learning Support Assistant (ELSA)

The Inclusion Team meet fortnightly to discuss and review inclusion matters. This incudes the Vulnerable Children and Families (VCAF) Team who discuss and review safeguarding matters as well as social and emotional needs.

Learning Support Assistants 

Miss Miller

Mrs Tubb (currently on Maternity Leave)

Mrs King

Miss Carty

Miss Paige

Mr Brown

Miss Kerri

Miss Anselm

Our Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) support the learning and integration of identified pupils within the classroom setting and through interventions.

Class Teachers & Teaching Assistants

All Class Teachers are responsible for Quality First Teaching within the classroom setting, adaption of the curriculum and working with groups and individuals to implement and develop understanding across the curriculum. Along with Class Teachers, Teaching Assistants are trained to support children through interventions both in and outside of the classroom as outlined in our provision map.


We are privileged to work in partnership with our families and work with moral purpose to ensure all our wonderful children and their diverse range of strengths and needs are put at the heart of all we do here.  We will always aim for the school experience of pupils with SEND to be:


The aim of our SEND Policy is to provide this kind of access to the EYFS and the National Curriculum and all other areas of school life for children at our school at levels appropriate to their needs. This increasingly includes supporting the emotional well being and mental health of our pupils. Every interaction between pupils and Class Teachers is seen as a critical intervention in learning. We offer a wide range of evidence-based interventions as part of our provision.

Our key policies, provision and reports can be found below – please do not hesitate to contact the Inclusion Team for more support and guidance.

Key Policies, Provision and Reports

SEND PolicyAccessibility Plan 

Lewisham Local Offer

Intimate Care Policy 2023 - 2024Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions PolicySEND Information Report 2023 - 2024

provision map overview summer 2024.pdf



lewisham parent and carer guide to send.pdf

Staff Training and Development 


Research from the Teacher Development Trust (2006, 2022 and 2012) shows that professional training and development is effective when it is targeted, evidence-based, collaborative, sustained and evaluated.


The Senior Leadership Team at St James Hatcham work in close collaboration with a range of stakeholders to plan and deliver staff training that:

- improves outcomes for pupils

- encourages staff to be reflective practitioners and use their learning to inform their professional judgements

- is sustained and so likely to have more significant and lasting impact 

- based on an effective analysis of both pupil needs and staff experience


Alongside a bespoke programme of weekly continuous professional development, staff have received additional training during academic years 2022 - 2024 under the 4 main categories from the SEND Code of Practice (2015):


Cognition and Learning Communication and Interaction Sensory and / or physical needs Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Educational Psychologist - supporting the development of writing


DEX differentiating the curriculum


Educational Psychologist - Precision Teaching and Paired Reading


EEF Scaffolding Framework


White Rose Maths - Jigsaw - developing fluency in the EYFS

Attention Autism - Drumbeat Outreach


Supporting CYP with social communication difficulties / ASD (OCN accredited)


Speech, language and communication Support in the Classroom (OCN accredited)


Colourful Semantics


Introduction to Makaton


Speech and Language Booster (OCN accredited)

Community Physiotherapist - physical management


Behavioural feeding


Get Ready to Write - occupational therapy led


Understanding Sensory Behaviours (Drumbeat)


Healthy Bladders and Bowels - toilet training for children with additional needs

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant training


Lewisham Metal Health Support Team Level 1 training


Emotional Regulation and De-escalation


Managing Challenging behaviour in early years settings


Positive handling