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St James Hatcham

Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor

Children’s wellbeing is at the forefront of what we do and we have a highly qualified Learning Mentor as part of our school staff.

Her name is Miss Dowdye and she is a qualified Social Worker and also has had training on key areas such as child protection, child massage and positive mental health and well-being.

The aim of the Learning Mentor is to break down barriers to learning, unlocking educational opportunities for school students so they can reach their full potential, therefore encouraging good attendance, participation and a successful engagement in school life.

Dependant on the needs of your child, Miss Dowdye may use a variety of approaches which can be tailored to individual needs. These include:

  • one to one mentoring to discuss problems and look at solutions
  • individual sessions looking at particular issues– such as anger management, self –esteem / confidence building
  • group work sessions focusing on one issue– i.e. social skills
  • observations within lessons and the playground
  • support and assistance to school staff.

The length of support varies according to individual needs and can involve anything from a daily meet and greet, drop in meetings to weekly focused sessions.

We encourage parents to talk to their child’s class teacher about any additional emotional and social support, so they can work together and put this support in place. Children who are in need of extra social and emotional support can then be referred to Miss Dowdye by the class teacher after discussions with the parent/carers have taken place.

Miss Dowdye is also available to help parents with many areas including advising on housing and Secondary School transition.