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St James Hatcham



We are passionate about the teaching and learning of Maths and our school family enjoy opportunities throughout the day to incorporate Maths into everything we do.

We want to help our children approach Maths challenges fearlessly with grit and purpose, enjoying the struggle that comes with reasoning and problem solving. We are committed to fostering a love of learning through Maths; valuing questions and the contribution of all pupils in order that every individual is motivated to achieve at the very highest level academically and at the greatest depths of understanding. We have developed a calculation policy that ensures all pupils are well equipped with progressive, efficient strategies for the 4 operations relevant to the age and stage at which they are working. 

At St James Hatcham we aim to:

  • teach for mastery by including number at the heart of our planning, support the ideal of depth before breadth and provide plenty of opportunities for reasoning and problem solving
  • introduce new concepts through a concrete – pictorial – abstract approach to build competency. We encourage this model not to be seen as a process you go through more as a support to scaffold children’s learning based on their age, stage and ability
  • work with our families to develop a mind-set within our pupils that will enable them to overcome barriers to their learning. We are committed to supporting the children in working with passion and dedication who think about how they are learning, particularly when they are struggling
  • use a calculation toolkit which demonstrates the methods they will learn and regularly rehearse throughout the academic year, not only during units focused on calculations. 

Maths is an interconnected subject in which our children need to be able to move with ease between different representations of mathematical ideas.

We use models and images across the school to support the understanding of these tricky mathematical concepts. Alongside our own calculation policy, we also use the White Rose scheme of learning to aid our planning and preparation. We use PiXL (Partners in Excellence) to support with data and tracking of progress to provide us with clear, concise information further aiding learning and achievement of mathematics at St James.