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St James Hatcham



At St James Hatcham we recognise the extreme importance of being able to talk well and learn through talk which is why oracy is a central part of our  curriculum.

The oracy work helps to build up pupils' confidence in speaking and is also useful for the many pupils with English as an additional language across the school.

 Quality of Education Review - Lewisham Learning (Sept 2022) 


Oracy promotes social equity, leading to a fairer society, where everyone, regardless of background, finds their voice for success in school and in life. This is why it is at the centre of our currciulum, a focal point of our school transformation plan and expected to be a priority in every classroom. 

Learning is rich, enjoyable and memorable when students bring their own voice and experiences to daily school life which increases their day to day engagement.

Evidence shows that a high quality education, and the explicit teaching of oracy, can:

  • improve academic outcomes
  • improve literacy development 
  • increase confidence and wellbeing 
  • shrink the language gap
  • equip students to thrive in life beyond school

Good oracy is when you are able to speak loudly and clearly and listen attentively. When we do presentations at school, it is important that everyone is able to hear what you are saying and be able to understand your point of view. It helps you to build your social skills and be able to relate to one another.

Chimson, Year 6

Progression of oracy