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St James Hatcham

Projects and Workshops

Projects and Workshops

We work with a wide range of external organisations who share their knowledge and skills with pupils, staff and parents, providing exciting opportunities and allowing for personal development.

Examples of projects and workshops at St James Hatcham include:

Dragon's Den:

Pupils have the opportunity to get involved in a Dragon's Den project where they are tasked to produce and sell products. This year we were incredibly luckily to have a host of very talented ‘Dragons’ on our judging panel:

Ms McFarlane - Head Teacher

Ms Wolicki - English and Oracy Governor

Mr Suarez - Global Head of Innovation, Finance & Risk at HSBC

Ms Ladeji - Product Manager at Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

Our judges scored the competition based on the oracy framework that we have been focusing on over the last year. The four strands of oracy are: cognitive, linguistic, physical and social and emotional. The expectations of the children became more and more challenging as we progressed through the year groups. All of the children who participated were able to introduce themselves confidently and to project their voices all the way to the back of the hall!

Sky Skills Studios:

Every year, Key Stage 2 pupils visit Sky Studios to understand more about the range of careers in the media industry. They have the opportunity to use real studio cameras and editing equipment to create a news reel about particular current topics. Whilst unable to attend the studios due to the pandemic, we were invited to take part in their new remote project - The Edit. 


NewsWise is a cross-curricular news literacy project who train our staff to empower our Key Stage 2 pupils to understand, critically navigate and report real news. This award winning news literacy project brings news to life and teaches news safely. It also includes videos of journalists talking about their roles.