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St James Hatcham

Pupil Premium / Free School Meals

Pupil Premium / Free School Meals

At St James Hatcham we understand that, ‘children entitled to Pupil Premium encompass the full spectrum of needs and backgrounds in the school community, including white and minority ethnic pupils, looked after children, more able and talented children, and those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).’

The Pupil Premium is additional funding for schools in England given by the government to raise the attainment of certain pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. We have used this funding strategically in the past few years to ensure that year-on-year our Pupil Premium pupils attained at least at national expectations to give them the best start in life.

In 2022, our end of Key Stage 2 results showed that disadvanged pupils achieved at least as well or better than their peers in reaching the expected standard for Reading, Writing and Maths.


We use relevant data from Class Teachers and information obtained through pupil conferencing to ensure that gaps or areas of weakness are identified and ensure support is placed strategically, as well as strengths built upon. During remote learning due to Covid-19, the school created opportunities to ensure that all Pupil Premium pupils without direct and suitable access to a laptop were provided with one to safeguard against the impact of digital poverty and the potential for resulting gaps in school community. On return to school, Pupil Premium pupils were targeted for any additional educational and well-being sessions where needed and are a priority group for theraputic intervention and pastoral support. 

Pupil Premium pupils not only achieve highly academically at St James Hatcham, but through pupil surveys they also report to be happy and are well supported and represented in enrichment activities; all Pupil Premium funded pupils are offered first access to our wide range of exciting clubs and extra curricular opportunities.

Our Pupil Premium pupils proudly represent their school in competitions, Arts Mark awards, football and cricket leagues, dance and music showcases, as well as taking part in year long projects with prestigious schools. We are incredibly proud to have successfully supported Pupil Premium pupils to gain full bursary scholarships for secondary education at top independent schools.


As Pupil Premium Champion, I am proud to advocate for this group of pupils and ensure that they are at the forefront of any strategic academic, social and pastoral decision making within school. I am passionate about unlocking their unlimited potential, removing barriers and working with all stakeholders within the school community to ensure they achieve all that they are capable of. The fact that Pupil Premium pupils and families are well cared for and achieve so well at St James Hatcham is a credit to the partnerships we build and the aspiration and resilience of our community. 
 Charlie Fabian - Deputy Headteacher & Pupil Premium Champion



Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2022-2023:

pupil premium statement 2022 2023.pdf