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St James Hatcham

Shine Project

Shine Project

The Shine Project is a programme of Saturday workshops which gives children a chance to learn in a new way, with able children from St James Hatcham, Southborough Lane and Orchard Primary in the excellent facilities of the independent Bromley High School. 

The programme seeks to address the requirements of local primary school heads in terms of extension activities for their most able students. The measure of success is the pupils' own self reflection logs and the assessment of the participating school heads. Bromley High School invite families of participants into the school for breakfast and a school tour and encourage applications to the senior school for fully funded bursary places. During the last SHINE project, three pupils who participated in the programme previously are currently Bromley High School pupils on 100% bursaries and Bromley High School regularly offer bursaries to participants. All participating students grow in confidence and experience increased self esteem. 

St James Hatcham are extremely honoured to be selected as a long time participating school.