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St James Hatcham

Vision and Values

Vision and Values

At St James Hatcham, our vision is to cultivate curious, independent learners who respond to the wonders of existence; and to provide a strong foundation for each and every child to realise their unique potential and enjoy fullness of life.

Mission Statement

We are committed to creating a happy, caring and enriching learning environment, underpinned by Christian values, most notably – joy, peace, hope and love. We celebrate children’s achievement and spiritual development; encouraging acts of kindness and consideration, mutual respect and forgiveness.


We have four Christian values which we strive to live out in our everyday lives: Love, Peace, Hope and Joy. 

We believe that the most important thing is to show Love for one another, it is what we do. Hope is working with God. Joy is how we live. Peace is what we bring.

These values are displayed around the school and incorporated into our school assembly themes and during the school day. 

LifeSavers Values

In addition to our school values, we are involved in the values-based financial education programme for primary schools, LifeSavers. These explore four core values of generosity, wisdom, thankfulness and justice:

  • Generosity is the desire to share what we have with others – our time and talents, as well as our money and possessions.
  • Wisdom is a proper understanding of the consequences of our thoughts, words and actions, and an awareness of the true value of things.
  • Thankfulness is an attitude of heart, acknowledging and enjoying all the good things that we have been given.
  • Justice is ensuring that all people, especially the poor and oppressed, receive what is fair and right – life, freedom, dignity and a decent standard of living for the society in which they live.

British Values

British Values at St James Hatcham