St James Hatcham is a school that continues to improve, and test data demonstrates this clearly; with results remaining generally well above most other schools nationally.

2019 Assessment Results

The outstanding results achieved by our pupils at the end of primary key testing point make us very proud here at St James Hatcham. We are thrilled with the achievements, especially as we have exceeded the results of most other schools nationally in all subjects, including the combined result where children need to achieve the expected result for all subjects. We are also extremely pleased with our results for those children ‘Working at a Greater Depth’ where we have met or beaten national standards in all subjects. Our results put us in the top group of all Lewisham schools for achievement at expected standard. Please check the link below to see a breakdown of all of our key testing results including a comparison to all schools nationally. 

Recent Assessment Results:

Key recent assessment results overview 2019

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