Pupil Premium: At St James Hatcham we understand that, ‘children entitled to Pupil Premium encompass the full spectrum of needs and backgrounds in the school community, including white and minority ethnic pupils, looked after children, gifted and talented (G&T) children and those with special educational needs (SEN).’

The pupil premium is additional funding for schools in England given by the government to raise the attainment of certain pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. We have used this funding well in the past few years to ensure that year-on-year our Pupil Premium pupils attained at least at national expectations to give them the best start in life. Last year, in the Early Years Foundation Stage profiles, Pupil Premium pupils achieved the same when compared to their peers.  At Key Stage Two SATs 2018, Pupil Premium pupils scored an average above with their peers for Reading, Writing and English, Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling and Maths. All Pupil Premium results were above or in line with national average standards. Half of our Pupil Premium pupils were graded as Working at a Greater Depth in at least one core area. These results are pleasing particularly as 20% of our Pupil Premium pupils also had an additional identified Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND). We will use this information to ensure that gaps or weaknesses are identified and support placed strategically, as well as strengths built upon.

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