Here is audio of our wonderful children signing swing low sweet chariot!


SJH GnD Dance Crew!

Thanks Miss Millie for giving us this idea. Hope our rainbow picture brings you hope and some joy.









What we have been up to!

As you may be aware, some of our children have to come into school because their parents have important roles in this fight against the COVID 19. Below is a gallery that shows the wonderful things the children have been doing while at school. Pay attention because new images will be added each day!

Making face shields!

The children carefully followed the instructions to make PPE face shields after making sure that the making area, and their hands, were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The plastic parts of the PPE face shields were provided by Goldsmiths 3D printing department. After the face shields are completed, they are securely bagged to keep them clean and ready for delivery to front-line services. There are photos of the children modelling the final product. The children and the school are so very proud to be playing our part in protecting the front-line of health care workers during this time of crisis.