Home Learning

We are working in new and different circumstances and we do not know how long the Coronavirus crisis will go on for. However, we are certain of our resolution to ensure that we will “Keep calm and let the learning carry on!”

Our aims for learning are linked to the high expectations that we have at St James Hatcham:

  • Communication – We will ensure that parent-teacher communication continues
  • Happy Learning – We will give clear, manageable, enjoyable learning tasks that can happen at home with or without the internet
  • Celebration – We will celebrate the efforts you and your children have made via our ‘Sharing Assembly’ briefing at the end of each week

We will also ensure that our Christian values are weaved through how we communicate with each other lovingly, respectfully and supportively. The learning will include Religious Education (RE).

Each class has a learning tab and the teachers will upload activities linked to their topics at the beginning of each week (by Monday 10am). The activities set will change each week and will enable your children to review prior learning and also apply their knowledge and skills to new learning.

These learning opportunities reflect our school values of love, peace, hope and joy as they have been developed with love; love for our children who we want to continue to inspire and support while they are away. We hope that as you settle into your home learning routine that you feel at peace; these activities have been designed to maximise opportunities for creative thinking and should not be a stressful experience for anyone.
We will share your work with the hope that in completing them we will all have shared experiences to talk about back at school as soon as it is safe to.
Finally, we know that in these difficult circumstances we all need to find pockets of joy. We believe that our children will get a great deal of joy from completing their learning and in doing so feel even more strongly connected to their teachers, peers and school family while we are away.

We would like parents to email teachers any questions, comments or photos to share.

Stay safe and happy learning!

Ms SE McFarlane

Home Learning: