If your child has a SEND need then you may like to have some more targeted activities and games to support them while they are at home – welcome to the SEND Zone!

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We have loved seeing so many of your in our Zoom story sessions during these periods of lockdown and partial school closure. We are lucky enough to have invited so many of you back to school now and will continue to keep in touch with those of you at home through Dojo and school and class stories.

We know that many of us and our children may be spending more time online than usual. There are some excellent resources available for supporting young people with SEND online here. And here are a few tips for helping our children calmly transition off of screens!



Class Dojo

We are SO proud and impressed at how well our children and families are managing their remote learning in their class Dojos! Your wonderful teachers will give you a weekly overview and then all the resources you will need for the lessons each day. They may provide extra scaffolding or more targeted questions and activities to suit your child’s age and stage and this will go straight to their portfolios! The work I have seen so far has shown wonderful effort and imagination from our children and we are very proud of you. If you have any questions or queries about the learning please get in touch via the messages function in Dojo to your class teachers. Remember to build in frequent breaks and take a look at the document about how to support your child to improve their focus below!


Targeted extra activities

Please find below some of the main areas of need we are providing additional activities for. These should be fun, short and enjoyable activities and games you can play together to develop your child’s skills and confidence. Please contact us here at school if you are unsure which area your child would benefit from most – ‘Emotions and Wellbeing‘ is suitable for all our wonderful children, particularly during this tricky time.

Cognition and Learning

15 minute memory games!

 Reflecting on Learning    What’s in the box?      Word Mat    Sentence Scramble             Scene Boards and ‘Wh’ Questions            Visual Perception

Name 5 Things       Why and Because

Communication and Language

Can you find …?Instructions      Can you find ..?     Listen up!   British Sign Language Alphabet          British Sign Language Days of the Week        British Sign Language Feelings       Word Magic             Listening Walk          Remembering Games         Guess What

If your child has been receiving support through Speech Link they can continue to develop their language skill with access to activities and advice from the Parent Portal.

Sensory and Physical

Help your child focus during remote learning!       Squishy Sensory Bags             Dough Disco        Indoor Gross Motor Sensory Play Ideas         Scissor Skills

Emotions and wellbeing

How can I solve my problem?     The Cuddly Bear- create your own story!           Feelings Chart         Build your Happy Place
Through My Window (part 2)
                I Am an Amazing Person         Through My Window (part 1)


Support for parents

Our St James Hatcham teachers and staff are here to support our remarkable children and families in both their learning and wellbeing and good communication between us all is particularly important whilst we cannot be together! You can contact class teachers via Dojo messages and other members of staff on the Inclusion team using Dojo messages, email or by calling the school office. 


The Lewisham Educational Psychologist team (EP CONNECT) are also offering support during this time on Mondays and Thursdays. If for any reason we cannot speak with you directly on those days they would also welcome your call!

Thank you to those of you who have also joined our virtual playgroup: 7 Days, Many Ways! We post and share new play ideas every day to help you connect with your child through play and support them in building their resilience, confidence and self-esteem! Please send Mrs Fabian a message on Dojo if you would like to join us!

As well as our own St James Zoom Q&A and consultations, we can also offer some external parent workshops:

‘Lockdown Learning: What works for me’ Tips from parents, teachers and educational researchers

These are for parents of children with autism through Drumbeat outreach services:

Managing Anxiety – Parent Workshop

It’s Different for Girls – Social communication Parent Workshop

It’s Different for Girls (Evening) – Social communication Parent Workshop


Wishing you all well and looking forward to being reunited again soon,

Mrs Fabian                 Mrs Dowdye