Miss Barnes – Class teacher

Miss Motion – Teaching assistant

Autumn 1 – What makes me, me?

Hello Team 5 / Yew class!


I would just like to say what an amazing start to the year we have made – your children have made my first year of teaching very enjoyable already.

The home learning page will be used to support your child’s progress throughout the academic year. The main focuses are spellings, reading and times tables. Below you will find a range of resources and activities to support your child’s home learning so that they can reach their maximum potential.

There is also a new section for remote learning below. Please use this if your child is away from school for any reason or if the school needs to be closed.

If you have any questions at all about any of the activities set, please do not hesitate to send me an email – 


I would also love to see some examples of your child’s home learning!

Thank you for your ongoing support and I am looking forward to the rest of the Autumn term.

Miss Barnes.

Remote learning: Week 1 (02.11.20)

This is the place to find learning for your child if they are away from school due to self-isolation or any Covid closures:

Maths: Before half-term we focused on answering multi-step word problems. Please continue with your knowledge of answering these questions as I know they can be tricky. 

White Rose Multi-Step word problems:

White Rose Multi-Step problems

Questions to try

English: Please use the sheet below to complete some writing with your child that links to stories that they already know. There is even a great bonus scheme to get them incentivised! 

Reading: Please continue to read with your child. There are plenty of books to read and listen to on the Oxford Owl e-book website. Please use the link below:

Oxford Owl

Lastly, don’t forget to use your child’s Busy Things login for work on Science, Grammar, RE, Spellings, History & Geography. You can also use their PiXL Vocabulary unlock app and times tables app if they have a login. 

Home learning: Week 7 (19.10.20)


Pink group: – gh

bought, brought, daughter, naughty, slaughter, through, although, though, laugh, cough

Blue group: – ey

hey, they, obey, grey, prey, whey, survey, convey, disobey, purvey 


This week we have been focusing on answering multi-step word problems. Can you answer these questions?

  1. On a school trip 1,279 people visit a museum. There are 1,100 children and 25 teachers. How many parents are there?
  2. Charles has 7730 comics. He lends 265 to Jim and 899 to Ryan. How many does he have left?
  3. A shop had 67,290 items. It threw away 9,510 of these items and bought 26,817 new ones, how many items did the store now have?


Read and interact with this amazing BBC Bitesize page all about the Skeleton to support your Science learning!



What do you know so far about Malala and what would you like to know?


Home learning: Week 6 (12.10.20)


Pink group: -ant 

brilliant, significant, relevant, servant, assistant, constant, pleasant, hesitant, infant, observant 

Blue group: ei

Eight, eighty, weight, neighbour, vein, veil, beige, sleigh, freight


On Friday we began to look at using the inverse operation to check our calculations. 

What would be the inverse operations to check these calculations? Is there only one way?

  1. 8,374 – 4, 712 = 3,662
  2. 522 + 1,226 = 1,748

How can we use the inverse operation to complete these calculations?

  1. 3,877 + ____ = 10,429
  2. 5,229 –  ____ = 4,908
  3. 655 + ____ = 4,242 


Read this interesting article about tooth decay. How does this information relate to our science experiment? 



Can you summarise There’s A Boy In The Girls’ Bathroom in less than 15 words?


Home learning: Week 5 (05.10.20)


Pink group: -tious 

ambitious, cautious, nutritious, infectious, anxious, vexatious, fractious, superstitious, fictitious, pretentious

Blue group: -ing

copying, crying, replying, marrying, carrying, flying, trying, drying, skiing, taxiing


We have recently moved onto subtracting numbers that require multiple exchanges. I am very impressed with your progress so far. 

Can you answer these questions by using our rule…

“If there is more on the top… no need to stop” (Subtract as normal)

“If there is more on the floor… knock next door” (Exchange)

1. 8576 – 6678 =                     2. 4789 – 2891 =           3. 7821 – 3487 = 

Word problem:

A jug of water has 847ml of water in it. Megane pours out 479ml. How much water in the jug is left?


Read this interesting extract about the digestive system to consolidate your understanding of our science learning!



Using your understanding from our Destination Reader book, ‘There’s A Boy In The Back Of The Class’, what can you infer may have happened to Ahmet’s sister?


Useful websites…

Internet safety learning for all ages

Learn more about the Rights of a Child and support our Rights Respecting School status

Colour your own Rights Respecting Schools book

Look through the WWF website to learn more about our amazing world, animals and how we can help save the planet here