St James Football Team 2019/2020





                                                         St James Hatcham Football Team


The St James Hatcham football team has now been operating for 5 years, and has so far been a success. We have won numerous cups and competed in tournaments all over London while building up a reputation of being a sturdy, well-disciplined team. This is not something that was achieved over night, but over the course of 3 years through hard work and commitment from a group of children who are well disciplined and most importantly enjoy the game.

Our most successful season (2016) saw us become the first one form entry school in over 15 years to win the Glendale boys champion’s cup. After finishing 2nd in our league, we played against five teams (all 2 or more entry) and were able to come out victorious against a very strong Dalmain team in the final.

Ultimately the football team is used as a beacon to not only encourage teamwork, friendship, and sportsmanship, but as an incentive to improve overall classroom development. If the children do not show the necessary improvements in their school life, especially in regards to their behaviour they will be unable to attend the club or face possible removal.


Mr Garrick – Team coach



Our achievements by year


  • 7th in the league
  • Progressive sports football cup winners


  • 3rd in the league
  • Sainsbury school games Football Tournament winners
  • Most sporting team at weekend away to Camber Sands
  • Glendale Champions cup semi finalists


  • 2nd in the league
  • Millwall Community scheme football tournament winners
  • Sainsbury school games quarter finals
  • Glendale Lewisham Champions Cup winners


  • Millwall Community scheme football tournament winners (Back to back winners)
  • 4th in the league