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Class Teachers: Miss Barnes

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hever

Autumn 1 – our topic is: What makes me, me?

We are beginning the academic year with a very important topic – ourselves! ‘What makes me, me?’ is a great introduction to Year 5 in terms of understanding why and how to celebrate our own differences. 


As part of our Topic learning, we have been looking at our heritage and where our ancestors come from. More recently, we have focused on family tree’s and next week we will be making our own. We have also touched upon genetics to consider what inherited and non-inherited characteristics we have! 

Are your ears attached or detached? Maybe you can roll your tongue, have dimples or have a widow’s peak? Then maybe it’s down to your family genes – ask Team 5 if you would like further information. To reflect on our understanding of self, we will be making some philosophical enquiry and thinking really deeply. You, too, can explore the philosophical world here (click picture):

Image result for what makes me me bbc


In R.E, we are looking at ‘Faith In Lewisham’. We have already started to examine the different faiths that are practiced in our borough of Lewisham and how the community works together with its different backgrounds and beliefs. The children have explored the meaning of diversity, and have demonstrated tolerance of others’ beliefs by teaching their peers about the religious make up of the Lewisham borough. 


In English, we are examining the genre of book reviews. We are currently reading the hilarious book ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ by Louis Sachar – which the children are loving – and we will be writing our own book review on this in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, we have been writing in role of the main characters through emails and letters. Within this, we have been focusing on key grammar features, including using expanded noun phrases, apostrophes for possession and contraction, and distinguishing between key homophones.

Drama has also tied in well with our English learning – we have recreated many scenes of ‘There’s A Boy In The Girls’ Bathroom’ – see below for some fun action shots! 


In Art, the children have dived into learning about a key artist – Andy Warhol. So far the children are really enjoying learning about Pop Art as a genre of art and are looking forward to making their own digital images next week. More recently, we have made our own colour wheel by mixing a range of primary, secondary and tertiary colours – check out this BBC Bitesize link to learn more! 



Our ICT ties in well with our Art learning, with the children taking professional portrait images for their Pop Art project. Next week they will be editing these images on a special application to produce a Pop Art style image!


Our maths will take us on an incredible journey through our brain as we work with number and place value. We have been working closely with a range of concrete and pictorial representations to represent numbers up to 1 million in different ways! More recently we have focused on rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000 and 100,000. We are now moving on to adding and subtracting numbers using columnar addition – I must say I am extremely pleased with the progress the children have made already. 


In Science, we are learning about the human body – with a focus on the skeleton, digestion and healthy eating. We began our learning about the bones in our body and what makes a successful supporting structure. Since then we have moved onto the digestive system, and attempted to recreate our own model using tights, biscuits, orange juice and water. I must say it did get messy (see pictures below).

We are now conducting our first investigation – to examine the effects of tooth decay using different liquids (vinegar, milk, water and Coca Cola) and eggs to represent our teeth. A range of predictions have been made, including that Coca Cola will have the most damaging effect on the teeth due to the high sugar content. We are observing the effects on the eggs each day and will update you on our results! See below for pictures of us preparing for the investigation… 


We are learning about a very important topic in PSHE – kindness. Focusing on different acts of kindness, motivations for being kind and self-esteem this term, we hope that this will continue to promote an inclusive and supportive environment both in and outside of school.