Purple Mash

Purple Mash is a program that we use throughout the whole school, and it has many helpful resources. Every topic is covered from literacy to science and it gives the children a chance to  enjoy their learning through technology. Check the link below to see more!

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Internet safety information

Social_Media_Guidance_UKCCIS_May 2017


CEOP – New Activity Packs for Parents

CEOP have released their new activity packs for all age ranges, this time focusing on the activity of online gaming. Links to the various packs are:

There is also a new article and video to help parents and carers understand how in-game chat works, how it might be abused by others and what they can do to help keep their children safe whilst using in-game chat. The link for the article and video is HERE.

New Resource for Parents – Taming Gaming

Andy Robertson is a family video game journalist and is well known for his clear, pragmatic advice about all things gaming. He has put together a fabulous new website for families.

“This database is a unique way to find games for children, teenagers and young adults. Every game is presented for parents and carers to understand, to empower informed choice through understanding.”