Religious Education at St James

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St. James Hatcham CE School is based on a Christian foundation and as such, Christianity forms the basis for most of the teaching of R.E. However, we recognise that:

‘Religious education has an important role in preparing pupils for adult life, employment and lifelong learning. It enables pupils to develop respect for and sensitivity to others, in particular those whose faiths and beliefs are different from their own. It promotes discernment and enables pupils to combat prejudice.’
(Lewisham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, 2009)

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At St James, we use the Southwark Diocese Board of Education Religious Education Scheme in line with National guidelines to teach about other religions: Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

The units of work to be taught to each year group has carefully been put together by the RE Subject  Leader and staff  to ensure coverage and progression.  The teaching of R.E. is supported by topic themes specified for each year group and ensures effective coverage for all areas including the topic of Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

Each class teacher is responsible for ensuring that the R.E. offered is carefully planned and matched to the level of understanding of the children in their class.  It should raise the child’s awareness and understanding of the nature of faith and help to develop attitudes of respect and tolerance towards others. The effect of having all classes deeply engaged in studying different world religions at the same time is the creation of an environment which promotes understanding, tolerance and respect for all.

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We enrich the teaching of RE through helping the children learn through drama, art, sharing stories, celebrating religious festivals and through “Godly Play”. The learning of RE is further enriched by celebrating Religious festivals throughout the year and inviting visitors from faith communities to come in to help enrich the children’s knowledge and understanding of the different Faiths . Classes also visit different places of worship.

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Children’s work is of a high standard and as well as recording their learning in individual books, we also have RE Class Big Books which record the RE learning journey demonstrated through photos, art and writing.

RE at the school has been recognised as above standards and the school has been awarded an outstanding grading at the last Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) inspections. 

Faith Group

There is a group of people whose responsibility it is to look after Religious Education within the school to ensure the teaching and learning is delivered to a high standard and to support pupils’ growing awareness of the differing religions taught at St James including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism .The group is called a “Faith Group”. The group is currently made up of Ms McFarlane, Reverend Price and Miss Zeina (Year 1 Teacher and RE Subject Leader) as well as a parent representative. We meet for 1 hour every half term (6 times per year) after school until about 5pm. Minutes of our meetings will be added after each meeting. 

A prayer for our children, parents and staff:

Dear God,
Thank you for the gift of education in every form.
As our St James’ family continue on their journeys this year,
May confidence be their foundation,
May grace be their guide and,
May hope be their compass towards a bright future.
I pray they would have eyes to see
The needs of those around them
And a heart to love well.
May they face each day with positivity
Knowing that no matter what comes their way,
They do not have to face it alone.


Reports and Policies:

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Collective Worship Policy

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RE Policy July 2019

Faith Group Minutes:

Faith Group Meeting Minutes 14.11.19

School Prayers:

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